WHY Core Sales Inc?
When we made the change from traditional packaging to biodegradable products, we did it with the intention of changing the direction of landfill management throughout the food service and beverage industry in Canada

  • All products are plant based and breaks down into CO2 & H20 only, leaving no harmful toxins or chemicals when put into an industrialized/municipal compost
  • We use the Circular Economy strategy, where the by-product of composting our products produces healthy soilsà  to planting of seedlings à to plants that then re-produce raw materials
  • No need to separate food scraps from packaging when disposing of our products (streamlined waste management)
  • We pay attention to the little details (i.e. ensuring all prints and logos are using soya based/vegetable dyes, any paper used must be FSC and/or SFI certified).
  • Offering a one lid that fits as many products as possible solution (reduces waste from mismatched lids being thrown out, and eliminates storage space issues commonly found amongst small businesses’)

We have made the commitment to push for more compostable disposables to be available to all Canadians via our distributor network and continue to strengthen our product offerings with new innovative plant materials.  


Core Sales Inc.

Core Sales Inc is a small Canadian family run operation that started in 1997 that supplied traditional plastic and styrofoam packaging throughout the food service and beverage industry.  At the time, Canada was trucking much of its trash to the USA due to the landfills being unable to process such high volumes of generated waste.  In 2000-2001 the late Dean S. Ramdath,  discovered the existence of biodegradable cups that were made from corn (PLA-Poly Lactide). He felt biodegradable cups could be a small part of the landfill solution by diverting disposable waste to composting facilities instead.  He was convinced in early 2000’s that this would be the direction the disposable market would be moving towards.  25 years later we have expanded our product lines to many eco-friendly alternatives, which are made from annually renewable plant-based materials only! 

We supply a full range of plant based biodegradable & compostable disposables. Our main products are cups and straws made from corn (PLA), Pulp based lids, take-out containers from sugarcane fibre (bagasse), and plant starch sample cutlery .  Our website lists all products we currently stock in our warehouse facility (located in Mississauga, Ontario) which can be found HERE